Dvořák & Suchoň


  • Nocturne in B major, op.40, B.48a
  • Capriccio B.81
  • Ballade in d minor, op.15/I, B.139


  • Fantasy - Larghetto, un poco rubato-Allegro e energico-Larghetto
  • Burlesque - Allegro giusto-Andante con afflizione-Allegro giusto
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This compact disc of the Czechoslovak Chamber Duo includes work of two great Czech and Slovak musicians - Antonín Dvořák and Eugen Suchoň. In the entire context of Dvořák's music, his Nocturne, op. 40, Capriccio, B81 and Ballade, op. 15 haven't been recorded often, and the recording of Suchoň's version of his Fantasy and Burlesque, op. 7 for violin and piano on this CD is the first recording worldwide ever.


  • 1. Nocturne in B major, op.40, B.48a
  • 2. Capriccio B.81 
  • 3. Ballade in d minor, op.15/I, B.139


  • 4. Fantasy, op.7 - Larghetto, un poco rubato-Allegro e energico-Larghetto
  • 5. Burlesque, op.7 - Allegro giusto-Andante con afflizione-Allegro giusto
  • ANTONÍN DVOŘÁK (1841 - 1904)

The Nocturne in B major, op. 40, B48a (1875, rev. 1892) exists in author's three versions: for the orchestra (B47), for the violin and for the piano (B48a) and also for the four-hand piano (B48b). It is a composition with an almost constant expression throughout its duration. The endless melody in the upper voice grows in small melodic steps above the monotone quaver accompaniment and sustained deep bass F sharp.

The Capriccio, B81 (1878) with the subtitle Concert Rondo was Dvorak's third piece for violin and piano. It wasn't published during his lifetime, and therefore it hasn't got any opus number. The reason was probably the parallel creation of Capriccio with similarly nationally tuned pieces, especially the 1st series of Slavonic Dances. In his editorial plan, Fritz Simrock, Dvořák's publisher, preferred composer's Slavonic dances, and subsequently also Mazurka op. 49 for violin and piano (1879), which was more formally defined, and in contrast to the more than ten-minute Capriccio also time-saving. Capriccio was revised by Dvorak in 1892. In a critical edition, it was published by Editio Supraphon in 1975.

The Ballade in D minor, op. 15, B139 (1884) was commissioned by John W. Coates, publisher of the journal Magazine of Music, who planned to publish a short piece by Dvořák in the 1884 Christmas edition.

  • EUGEN SUCHOŇ (1908 - 1993)

Fantasy and Burlesque, op. 7 (1948) has been created from two pieces - Burlesque (1933) and Fantasy (1948). Although the 15-year gap between the two works is noticeable, Suchoň tried to make the work as a whole. Therefore he put a part of one theme of Burlesque into Fantasy, and on the other way he reminded the opening theme from Fantasy in the final violin cadence of Burlesque. This composition of Eugen Suchoň was dedicated to his prematurely deceased brother, violinist Anton Suchoň. The work has been recorded several times in a version for violin and orchestra, but the author's version for violin and piano was never released on a record. This CD includes the premiere recording of the violin and piano version of the work after 71 years since it was composed by Suchoň, who was also a fabulous pianist.

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