Slovak and Czech embassies mark 100th anniversary of establishment of Czechoslovakia


The Embassies of the Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic commemorated the establishment of Czechoslovakia in 1918 at the Reception in Mansion House in Dublin on October 25, 2018. The event was opened by speeches of the Slovak Ambassador HE Igor Pokojny and the Czech Ambassador HE Peter Kynsteter.

The founding of Czechoslovakia 100 years ago completed the effort of the Slovaks and Czechs to achieve their national independence. Despite the various turns in history, Czechoslovakia was a good and successful project.

As a result, today there are two befriended and allied states established on national and European values of freedom, democracy and protection of human rights, with clear geopolitical anchorage in the EU and NATO, representing the common framework for our security, stability and prosperity.

Ambassador Pokojny was honoured to congratulate to Jozef "Joe" Veselsky on his one-hundredth birthday. He was born in the Slovakian town of Trnava and after World War II and found his new home in Ireland. His life mirrors that of Czechoslovakia.

The cultural program featured an excellent performance of the Czechoslovak Chamber Duo composed of Slovak pianist Zuzana Beresova and Czech violinist Pavel Berdych, who played compositions of various Czech and Slovak composers.