Twenty-seventh FORFEST 2016


Festival music marathon continued by the Czechoslovak chamber duo - Pavel Burdych CZ - violin, Zuzana Berešová, SK - piano, on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the Slovak composer Ladislav Kupkovič , the former founder (1963) and conductor of an radical progressive instrumental Bratislava ensemble "Music of Today". Unfortunately his concert turned into a posthumous tribute to this author who died a few days before the concert. It is certainly interesting to ask why this author of an innovative, almost shocking composition ("Meat of the Cross" performed with a huge Asian gong and striking of knives, etc.), changed his orientation? He renounced his sonorism in favor of tonal harmony and traditional compositions. The Sonatas from 1991 - 1999, "Theme and 13 Variations", "Armenian Songs From Garin" (1989), "Double March", "Compliment", "Talisman", indicated the fact, that the author´s intention to turn was serious. The artists played with enthusiasm. "Souvenir" (very effective virtuoso piece for violin) reminded us on the style of Fritz Kreissler and the early 20th century Art Nouveau period.

Elena Letňanová, Opus Musicum 5/2016. s.71-79. ISSN 0862-8505.